Tuesday, January 27


There is something really great about cupcakes. No matter what sort of bad mood I’m in, they make me happy (and that’s not just when I’m gobbling them up two at a time). If I walk past a display of them in supermarket bakery, they bring a smile to my face! In my opinion, cupcakes are the cheerleaders of the pastry and sweet treats world. In celebration of these little num nums, I’ve created a collage of all things cupcake using one of my favorite online toys, Polyvore:

Don't call me cupcake

My favorite product from this collage (aside from the horribly overpriced Tiffany charm)? The Cupcake-themed dish gloves made by a store called Carolyn’s Kitchen. Somehow I don’t think I’d mind scrubbing burnt chicken char off the dollar store cookie sheet I forgot to Pam if I were wearing these! They’re also available in a lighter blue and even have a matching apron. Talk about domestic bliss!


Rachel Ann said...

Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day last week. I appreciated all the bloggy love! Sorry I'm so long in returning the favor!!!

Um...cupcakes...now I'm hungry!

Mrs. D said...

Those gloves are so SWEET I want some! By the way, I am giving you an award on my blog, so come on over to check it out! Thanks for being so awesome!

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