Monday, February 22

I am inspired

Like many bloggers, I rely heavily on Google Reader to get my daily fix of what's happening at the blogs I follow. Mondays are especially plentiful as I usually don't read blogs over the weekend. Today I had more than 100 posts waiting to be read. My favorite comes from Le Musings of Moi, and is called A Personal Challenge: 21 days to a better you. Summer commits to 21 days of transformation, where each day of the 21 days she "will do or start something that will help and motivate [her] to be, do, and become better."

How inspiring!! It made me wonder: could I do 21 things in 21 days to better myself or others? What do you think? Could you? After years of flunking out from lost New Year's Resolutions and watching others succeed in their Lent vows, I just might have to go for it!

Thursday, February 18

Vote for kitteh!

Vote for my cat to win! If she does, I'll donate $1K to a local rescue group! Click here or copy and paste

Sad Morning

Today I went to work using the back roads to avoid traffic on the main highway. I saw a cat trying to cross the six lane street we were on. He started to run out in front of me, but then went back to the edge of the road as I passed. I relaxed and thought he must have decided to wait, but then saw him dart right out in front of the car behind me. The driver didn't even see him in time. I pulled over immediately and found the cat about 10 feet off the road. It was stretching its legs out a little bit then pulling them back, maybe for a minute or two, then died. Of course I bawled and stayed with him until it was over. I tried to find the owner, but didn't see anyone and all the houses are gated. He didn't have a collar and I saw a couple of fleas, so I guess he was a stray.

I hope that my being there with him helped ease his fear and pain.
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