Monday, January 12

4 lunch totes to keep your diet on track (New Year's Resolution I: eat out less)

I am at work eating my lunch. As in I actually had the foresight to make something at home and bring it to work. This is harder than it sounds as I probably have a medically sound condition called Fastfoodadia or some such illness when I crave fast food, be it Taco Bell, Subway, or the like. As a New Year's resolution, I vowed to eat out less, especially when it would be when I was alone and couldn't turn the meal into a social occasion.

So while sitting here eating my grilled chicken salad (I ACTUALLY cooked a pan..on the stove!) and 100 calorie Twinkie, I thought, "what better time to blog about interesting meal totes? I've been dragging along the same pink Igloo lunch bag for years - could it be the reason I hate bringing my lunch? Let's step things up a bit and go on the hunt for a new lunch sack (paper free, of course!). Here are 4 picks:

#3: Bento Box

#4: Neiman Marcus Lunch Tote

So if I get one of these pretties, do you think it'll inspire me to bring a Lean Cuisine to work? I'm not sold, but it might help spur me on.

1 comment:

sandy said...

The lunch tote on the bottom is very cute and I am totally into bento for my kids:)

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