Wednesday, January 7

Lure Beauty - Mineral Makeup and Wickless Candles

Both my sisters and my mom got caught up in the mineral makeup craze before I did, but I did try out Bare Escentuals. I bought the same products they'd tried, used the same brushes, followed all of the instructions my sister emailed me, including her special little tips and tricks. And I looked fabulous...for one week. Then my skin started peeling and itching, the area around my nose became pink (not in a good way) and sore, and suddenly I had blemishes on my cheeks and along my jawline! And so I buffed my way right back to the mineral makeup store in the mall and asked them for help. They looked my skin over and said it was an allergic reaction, and let me return everything. I was bummed - what an easy way to get a natural yet medium coverage look for your face.

Several months went by. I tried a few of the other most well known brands, but they all seemed to present the same results after only a few days of use. I had just about given up when I read a message board post about the bismuth in many mineral makeups causing allergic reactions in some people, and that a small online makeup company had a mineral line that did not have this ingredient in it. I was ecstatic and visited Lure Beauty's site, and it's been been quite a romance between us since then!

I've been using their products fuss-free since August, and absolutely love them. I started out by trying their "Cover Your Bases" Starter Kit, which lets you try 2 foundation shades, 1 concealer shade, and 1 setting powder shade for less than $6. They had so many foundation shades that I emailed Lure to ask for help, and they actually responded in just a few minutes! Their products are great and I am irritation-free (and that's before you factor in that they cost less than many of their competitors). I encourage you to try Lure Beauty out. In addition to their mineral makeup line (which also includes eye shadows and blushes), they also have candles, body butters, and much more! And...if you search for online coupons or join their mailing list, you will find great discounts.

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