Saturday, January 10

4 calendars from Etsy you'll want on your desk (and a intro to my paper obsession)

I am a paper fiend. Take me to the mall and yes, I'll browse through a few clothing stores to drool over this season's peacoats and whine for a new pair of boots. But the store that you'll really have to drag me out of will be Papyrus, Hallmark, or any other store that carries a variety of notecards, invitations, gift wrap, and stationery. I actually get excited about going to pick out a card for Mother's Day, and you should see me in the fall when, in our family alone, there are 7 birthdays! Let's not mention how positively giddy I become when it comes time to select a new yearly planner each December (that's about when things become a little too unhealthy, I think).

Combine my love for paper products with Etsy, and it's a match made in heaven. I first stumbled upon this place a couple of years ago, and my life hasn't been the same since! As the website suggests, it's an "online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade." THIS INCLUDES PAPER PRODUCTS, which is one of my favorite Etsy pursuits. In honor of it being only a few days into the New Year, I am pleased to share a few of my favorite 2009 calendars available on Etsy - click on the picture to get a larger version, then visit the seller's shop link (please note that the link will not take you directly to the seller's store instead of the item as I do not want the link to be broken if the item sells).

Image below from Things Are Better with a Parrot (I bought this calendar last night and can't wait for it to arrive!):

Image below from Sure as Blue (I bought my desk calendar from them last year and loved it!):

Image below from Valentina Design:

Image below from Susannah Tucker Photography:

Image below from paperWERXings:

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