Tuesday, January 13

Sock Monkey Love

As a child of the 1980s, I don't remember having one of these sock monkeys as a kid. I was at least a teenager before I ever saw one, but I fell in love with them instantly and even sent sock monkey themed holiday cards out a couple of years back. According to experts, sock monkeys became popular in the early 1900s when mothers began using old work socks to fashion dolls for their children, and the rest is history! As a tribute to these lovable toys (and to Polyvore, a free, easy-to-use web-based application for mixing and matching images from anywhere on the web), here are some wearable sock monkey items and accessories for all of your fashion needs. Click anywhere on the picture to go to an interactive version of the photo on my Polyvore profile. Once there, you can click an item to learn where to buy it!

Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey by thesweetjellybean


B said...

Some of those are just seriously awesome. My mom used to make those sock monkey toys for us when we were kids. Obviously I'm an 80's child too.

sandy said...

Stopping by from SITS! I love sock monkeys:)

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