Wednesday, January 7

Switchflops - flip flops with interchangeable straps

I'm simple in that I like comfort. Yes, I'll occasionally squeeze my feet into 3 inch jeweled heels for a special occasion (which always makes me feet look like a 5 fingered pancake), but usually I like to be fairly flat footted, especially since I'm taller than most men. So you can imagine my delight in discovering Switchflops at a shop in San Antonio, TX last month (if you've been to Texas, you'll understand why I was happy to look at flip flops in the dead of winter!). They're a normal flat flip flop (they also come in wedge and kitten heel varieties), and are available in black, brown, white, and tan. The cool part about them is that the straps have velcro on them so you can change out the design again and again. And I'm not talking about 8 or 9 designs. I'm talking about more than 60 colors, patterns, textures, and designs! Use their online Switchflop builder to create a unique with stripes, polka dots, neon colors, and even skulls and bones (my Nana's favorite).

The flops themselves retail for $32 and up, and the changeable straps are around $10/pair, but a little birdie just told me that you can find these on Ebay (the hero of all pocketbooks!).

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