Saturday, January 10

A website that lets you donate to charities for free

As I've mentioned, I am a grant writer, which is a bit of an interesting thing in the current economy. While some charities are still fairing well, others are not so lucky. Many soup kitchens, for example, are now seeing their client base doubled and tripled, some newcomers perhaps previous donors. I work for an arts organization, and it's been really hard to pitch to our funders that they should give us money when there are people going hungry out there. I mean, if a family usually gives $100 a year and now can only give $20, who should they give to? An arts organization...or to a charity that helps clothe children?

The point of all of this is that I believe in helping these organizations out when I can, whether it be through donations, volunteer service, etc. One free way of helping charities out during this mess is through GoodSearch. It's a normal search engine (it actually was created by Yahoo and runs on their search platform), but every time you search for something, the charity of your choice gets a penny. This might sound like small potatoes, but if you do a few searches a day along with other supporters of the charity, it could really add up. GoodSearch also has a program called GoodShop - for this, if you go to their site first, then click through to 1 of 1000s of online stores participating, a percentage of the sale you make is given to your favorite charity - for FREE. There's no catch, and it won't cost you a cent to help these organizations out. So give it a whirl - in a time of crisis for many, doing something so simple might just help make your day.

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