Monday, January 26

How well do you know your Valentine? A Quiz from Real Simple Magazine

LOOKING FOR THE "DIAMOND" RING GIVEAWAY? SCROLL DOWN TO JANUARY 24TH'S POST! Out of all the magazines I get in the mail, Real Simple has to be my favorite. I am addicted to this thing, and have now spread my obsession with it to my mom, my mother-in-law, and my older sister! I guess you could call it a women's interest magazine. There are all sorts of articles and tidbits on new products (I think this magazine gave me the idea for this blog), advice, and tips on general well being.

This fun quiz comes from Real Simple’s online website. After having a laugh with Mr. Bean over it (“How is ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ a reality TV show?!”), I thought that I should share it with you! Click here to get a PDF of the quiz to print off!

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mommy4life said...

I know what hubs and I are doing tonight! I'm sure it will be good for a laugh or two.

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