Tuesday, January 27

Satchel Studio - a place for Unique Messenger Bags

I was recently strolling through artisan booths at a local arts festival when I rounded the corner to find an enormous display for Satchel Studio, a company based in San Francisco that specializes in unique messenger bags! After happily discovering that Satchel Studio has a great online presence, I felt like I should share this amazing find with you! Let me assure you that if you buy from Satchel Studio, no one you know will have a bag like yours! Self described as a “one-woman show,” the company is indeed run by just one artist named Kelty who combines found images, original photography from around the globe, and familiar iconography to make the unique collages that give these messenger bags true attitude! Satchel Studio features two signature messenger bag sizes and a limited-edition hip pack – each of these pieces is available in up to four colors with your choice of design. Some of The Sweet Jelly Bean’s favorite designs:

The really fun part? You have dozens of designs to choose from (including from collections such as Tiles, Japanese, Grafitti, Portraits, Travela, and more), and trust me, it’ll be tough deciding on which one to get! My advice - check this site out!

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Shelley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. From SITS.

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