Thursday, January 29

7 Funny Superbowl Ads

I'm not much into football (Mr. Bean, I am trying), and yet my husband lures me into watching the Superbowl with him every year by promising that there'll be great Superbowl commercials waiting in the wings. I always fall for it and he's always right. Here are 7 of my favorite Superbowl commercials:

HONORABLE MENTION: Apple, "Macintosh Debut," 1984 - I stumbled upon this one as I was hunting down clips of my favorites (below). Not funny, but worth a look just to see the 1980s athletic garb!

1. SoBe, "Thrillicious," 2008
2. Michelob Ultra, "Touch Football," 2006
3. Ameriquest, "Romantic Dinner with her cat," 2005
4. Reebok, "Terry Tate, Office Linebacker," 2003
5. EDS, "Herding Cats," 2000
6. Tabasco, "Mosquito," 1998
7. Pepsi, "Coke Thief," 1996

And my favorite non-Superbowl commercial of all time that's related to cats (may not be suitable for young kids):



YKDWhat? said...

hehe. I'm so glad you posted this. I LOVE superbowl commercials. I think I only watch it for that reason.
I love the "touch football" one too!

oh, ps. I'm stopping by from BSU.

Mr. Bean said...

Mr. Bean here again.

I am totally going to take that "he's always right" statement from this posting, cut and paste it in size 72 font in a Word document, print it out, and hang it on the wall. Who needs context? Not me!

Michelle said...

I love Super Bowls. I always have a big party, which means I need to tivo the game so I can watch the commercials later! These are some good ones, although I'm a little disturbed by the last cat one. Wow. You did post quite a few I'd totally forgotten about that I really like!

And thank you so much for coming to visit my blog. Today has been so much fun and so lovely to see the response and fun comments. I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed my blog and come back to visit soon!

Miss Anne said...


i totally have forgotten how much i love the commercials! :)

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