Thursday, February 12

The Perfumed Court

If you're like me and your nose can't make up it's mind on which scent it likes the most, head over to The Perfumed Court, an online store that offers perfume samples and decants of practically any fragrance you can think of. Whether it's the latest from Vera Wang or a vintage you're after, they have it! They even carry discontinued fragrances and those not available in the United States. If you're not sure what you're looking for, you can also search for fragrances by notes or try out one of their themed sample sets (the Day at the Beach and Best Lavender sampler packs piqued my interest). Samples start at $3 and shipping is a flat $5.95, so stop by today!


That.Girl said...

OOh. Thanks for this. I love perfume. As if I don't have enough already. :)

Shalee- Be Speechless said...

Oooh yeah I just might have to do that.

pam said...

Looks like a great way to try new scents, without having to lay out the cash. Stopping by through BSU.

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