Saturday, February 21

Figments Studio, a place for journals

Wow, did I miss posting on Friday? Where did that day go? It started with me getting wisdom teeth stitches out (and approval to use straws again!), then a busy day at work, then baking for most of the afternoon to fill Etsy orders. Whew! And here I am to make up for bloggy neglect.

My pick for today is Figments Studio, an online shop that specializes in "Enchanted Handcrafted Journals for collecting your thoughts, memories, hopes, and dreams." As the website states, The Figments Studio Collection is designed by Jill Marie Crvich. Inspired by medieval books, Grimm's fairy tales and antique toys, Jill sculpts each original design. Fascinated by the aged leather covers of old books, Jill developed a sculpting and painting process to simulate just that. Her vintage journals and accessories have the rich, luxurious look and feel of old, gilded leather. She hopes her unique collection inspires you and kindles your figments of imagination.
I kept a few journals and diaries here and there as a child, but really never got into it on a regular basis and really wish I had. Nowadays I am too lazy to keep up with writing in a treasure such as one of these, but I do know people who commit to doing it and I envy them. I think that these would make a beautiful gift for a mom-to-be (a journal for her future child), a new graduate, or maybe just a (slightly expensive) conversation piece. For $60, I better have some REALLY good thoughts to put in there!


DiPaola Momma said...

WOW what a great product. I'm a total junkie for handwritten journals. I keep one for each of my four kids (though I don't get enough time to write in any of them).. I caught your comment on digging comments and followers on Willow Lake's blog so I thought I'd pop in with a comment to start your Monday.. Boy did I make out in the deal!! Your credit vid is great I'm going to show it to my teenager who is writing a paper on the mess! I'll be back.. I'm off to check out your Etsy shop!

Molly said...

Wow those are gorgeous!

But I LOL'd at your comment about needing some "really good thoughts" to put in those.

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