Wednesday, February 11

I've Been Tagged

I’ve been tagged by Vintage Inspired Jewelry and now must name seven things you may not know about me. Since I’m not really the main focus of this blog, I’ll try to make these seven things more about things I think you’ll like.

1. I would go out to eat every night if I could. It’s not that I don’t know how to cook. I actually love to bake and make sweets (hence my Etsy shop), but I love the idea of going out and having food prepared for me, being waited on, and not having to do dirty dishes. has done wonders to support this obsession – they offer $25 gift cards to restaurants everywhere for huge discounts!

2. I am in love with sampler boxes. In the last week I have received one from Out of the Box Sampler (I’m one of this month’s sellers and had to buy one for myself!), Get Eurofied, and a pet-themed sampler box from Pets Jubilee. If you know of other places to get sampler boxes, please let me know!

3. I tend to get sucked into almost buying a lot of those cheesy “not available in stores” products advertised on TV, but then I go read reviews at this site and almost always come to my senses.

4. My parents first got dial-up in December 1995 when I was 13, so I’ve been online for a while. If I Google my original email address, there are still traces of me out there. Spooky!

5. Mr. Bean and I got married in March 2007, and Bridal Bargains was our Godsend. My parents paid for the majority of the wedding and although I think they would have given me more if I had asked for it, I was determined not to go over budget. With the help of this book, I didn’t. Check it out – a new edition was recently published.

6. I would end up spending…oh, about a million dollars on all of the things that I almost must have. It amazes me what’s available online!

7. I am easily entertained, including by sites such as Where's George, where you enter the serial number off of the cash you’re carrying to see where it’s been.

And now for mis victimas!!:

Good luck!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

oh boy!!! thanks for tagging me. your 7 things are fun!

katie said...

oh, these are great tips for websites! thanks!

rightonmom said...

Hi, here from sits.

Thanks for all that useful info! I could eat out every night too!

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