Tuesday, April 14

Why moms are at risk for Internet addiction

By Rachel Mosteller, found on CNN.com (link below)

I was scrolling through family photos on my computer, admiring my two beautiful babies, when I spotted a disturbing trend: My laptop was open in almost all of the pictures. There's my daughter, at 8 months, playing at my feet while I typed away on the couch. There's me and my son, a year later, with the laptop at my side as I held him in my arms.

I'd heard about Internet addiction before, but always assumed it was something limited to socially challenged guys who played too much World of Warcraft. Now it seemed my Internet "habit" was slowly but surely crossing the line. Sometimes I found myself up into the wee hours of the morning, surfing the Web while my family slept. I read the news, kept up with friends, and looked up answers to endless questions. I wrote my personal blog and read dozens of others, just for something to do...

Continue reading this article on CNN.com here.

My $0.02: I'm not even a mother yet and I do feel that I have a mild addiction to the Internet. I've never done anything really crazy like call in sick so I could stay online for eight extra hours, but I do start getting antsy if I can't check my email, etc. What are your thoughts?


Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh I'm so addicted. Checking my computer email and blog is the first thing I think about doing in the morning. I jump on at least 4 times a day. What can I say I need help!!!

Lori said...

Im a mommy and I too get so antsy if I cant check my email, my blog or facebook!


I am able to get up and walk away though and take care of my kids and have fun with them!

R and R Stacy said...

Oh I need help....ha ha
I'm am on atleast 4 to 5 times a day.

Amanda said...

Great article! I was totally like that a couple of months ago. What broke my addiction was my father's hospitalization and death. I had to focus on what really mattered.

Now, I blog when I feel like it and I have much more control over it.

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